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Belt-stop: Exclusive belt-stop system which avoids the accessories belt from being moved or cut in case of system misalignment

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When applying your pulley, don’t forget to respect the tightening torque indicated by the manufacturer. Higher or lower torque from the recommended can generate problems with your engine.

Some pulleys that are fixated with screws possess a correct alignment grid, meaning that the holes are only hit in one position. If the connection alignment doesn’t seem correct, try to spin the part a few times.

A locking in the pulley and belt system can create serious damages to the vehicle. Before changing the pulley from the crankshaft check if the other pulleys are in order.

When buying an anti-vibration pulley always check the products origin. Some suppliers and importers choose to sell the pulley without the complete anti-vibration rubber and provide only a thin layer of rubber on the superior and inferior part of the product. Apparently the part looks like the original but that’s not true. This type of attitude creates serious damages to the crankshaft of the vehicle, thus it can put it out of order.

Is there a leak or oil stain on the distribution lid? So you better solve this first! Some types of oil in contact with the pulleys’ rubber can damage its chemical structure and generate a precocious crumbling of the rubber.

If the pulley you will apply is “crazy” (without key or screw), be very careful!!! Usually the engine’s synchronism depends on the contact between the pulley and the gear of the toothed belt and so its correct torque is fundamental to avoid bigger problems.



Diesel becomes more expensive in three Brazilian states

Prices can vary from 0,03 to 0,07 per liter in the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná.

The survey conducted by Ticket Car showed a price raise of the diesel’s liter price this month, with an emphasis on prices registered in BR-163, in the states of Mato Grosso (R$ 3,09), Mato Grosso do Sul (R$ 3,05) and Paraná (R$ 3,02).

The survey also shows that the biggest variation on the cost of the diesel in March happened at Rodovia dos Bandeirantes, with a raise of 0,91% (from R$ 2,74 to R$ 2,76). At BR 316, in locations stretching the North and Northeast of the country, there was a 0,25% increase.

At BR 101, one of the country’s lengthiest highway, the variation was of 0,13% in comparison to March, with a significant increase in the states of Alagoas (R$ 2,77), Espírito Santo (R$ 2,77), Pernambuco (R$ 2,82), and Santa Catarina (R$ 2,74).


Truck market shows a recovery in May

A balance published in 01/06 by Fenabrave – Automotive Vehicles National Federation Distribution – shows a recovery in the truck market in May. 6024 units were licensed, against 5086 in April, resulting in a 3,75% growth. However when compared to May last year, the volume reached is still 52,85% below, considering 12577 licensed. The numbers of licenses given from January to May 2015 were 31181, 42,24% less than 53984 units in the same period in 2014.


Car Parts Capacitation

Get to know the courses offered by Instituto Sindipeças de Educação Corporativa this year, separated by classes (market management; people management; innovation and sustainability; and manufacturing/ supply chain). All of them can be taken in its “in company” version, directed to the needs of each company.


2015 New Releases – Triade

Triade Peças Automotivas keeps expanding its product’s portfolio. Only this year there were several releases related to light and heavy duty and still more to come. More releases are foreseen in 2015 in all lines, maintaining Triade’s first place on the anti-vibration pulley market. To get to know these releases and the other products, click here and get to know all of our line.