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Environmental and Social Projects

Triade has been certified with the “AutorizaçãoAmbiental de Funcionamento” (Environmental Functioning Authorization), given by the Environment Secretary of State and Sustainable Development. This certification confirms our concern in operating the industry within the current environmental laws in the state of Minas Gerais, generating the minimum possible damage to the environment.

It is part of Triade’s culture to seize the maximum from the products and inputs, never spilling oil or other environmental damaging products irregularly, also to encourage the conscious and economical usage of water in the company’s installations and in the collaborators homes and always encourage environmental and social projects inside and outside the organization.

A proof of this was the initiative of Triade’s marketing team that developed a relatively simple project, uniting internal marketing with ecological consciousness: to encourage the employees to bring all kinds of recyclable materials that they have in their homes and the ones they consume in the company. This material is sold to a recycling collaborative and the values are reverted to the collaborators themselves, thus developing an even stronger feeling of union between the Triade team and the environment.

Sports are a proven way of taking children away from the streets and encouraging new behaviors, giving them a new healthy and fun activity. Triade believes this idea and that’s why they sponsor the handball team of Carmo da Mata, in Minas Gerais, where its industry is. The team that played the last state championship won it and came back home with medals and trophies. Besides sports, education is the foundation of a better society and forms the persons of tomorrow. That’s why one of the group’s companies, TRIUSE, sponsors the uniforms of the schools in Carmo da Mata/MG.

As a sponsor, Triade not only enables the resources, but seeks to follow the development of the projects and the involvement of the young athletes, who in most cases are teenagers who are experiencing professional sport for the first time. The guiding by professionals and the opportunity to be part of an oriented group result in a practice with a very positive social reflex, because Triade believes that supporting sports is a way of contributing to the formation of better citizens.